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Friday, May 31, 2024

What is love for a teenager and its stages?

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Anastasia Lashkul

Experiencing first time as a teenager falling in love for the opposite gender is an exciting feeling but at the same time scary.

For girls we experience butterflies and full trust in the man and for the men they experience full protection over the girl since the girl becomes like an object that they want to protect from everyone and anything that can harm her.

Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

As we like to experiment as teenagers, very often couples get together and break up after a while for one reason or another.

The reasons can be different. Let’s say resentment against the partner, lack of agreement is usually the most common reason because teenagers only over time and by their own mistakes learn that between two people you need to be able to talk and communicate, then it can be cheating and this is often provoked by two factors:

  • First is lack of  confidence in the person.
  • The second is that the person is not 100 percent ready to give their partner their 100 percent attention and dedication and he decides to walk away with someone else.

Another reason may be the fact that when you are young you meet a person, you grow together as people and then when you are a fully formed grown up you might understand that you arent meant to be together because you changed as people and have a different personality or character.

Photo by Randy Kinne on Unsplash

I think there are three kinds of love and they have their own stages.

The first is the simplest, when you meet someone you get to know each other and after a while you develop feelings. You start to meet, grow together, go through life together and support each other, learn life lessons and enjoy the time you are  given together and then life shows you if you like want to continue being with them or not.  And yes I can say that I absolutely believe in the saying that “If its meant to be then life will bring you towards each other until the end.”

The second love is love at first sight, it is the coolest and at the same time the most dangerous love, because you fall in love with a person but you do not know him as a person, even if you come together emotionally from the first time. Usually such situations end in two ways, either you continue to communicate, get to know each other and everything is fine or you start to date in a hurry because you rely on the feeling that you had once you met, and at the end you ruin each other because you do not know each other as a person and you just do not agree in character and then you experience pain because you have to work through the fase of letting go something that brought you happiness one way or the other.

The third type of love, I would even call it a long-awaited love, is when you fall in love with your friend or best friend from childhood. As for me this is the strongest love that can happen between people because you have already built a sense of security, comfort, trust and attraction. Usually, such couples stay together for a very long time or even end up getting married and starting a family. This usually happens between those who have already experienced other types of attractions, and then they open their to those who actually deserve.

Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

But then again in the stage of being a teenager you can never predict what will happen since everything changes so quickly. You may like a person one day and the next day you change your mind about it because your emotions are not stable and it is difficult to make a decision during a time where you are confused, not sure or under an emotional volcano.

To summarize, real love comes when you experience it yourself, not by the example of other people.

Main photo by Ron Lach

анастасия лашкул
Анастасия Лашкул
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